Blend Wellness Massage Therapy offers a great assortment of therapeutic massage therapy services. Conveniently located at: 15303 96 Ave, Edmonton, AB. – Inside Massage Logics Clinic.


Blend Wellness Therapist Rose is an RMT & Honors Graduate from a 2200 Hour Nationally Recognized Massage Therapy Program. She is an approved Massage Therapy Provider for all Insurance companies. Book with Rose today! Blend Wellness inside Massage Logics offers a wide assortment of in clinic & outpatient Massage Services & Modalities including:


Mobile Massage Therapy 


HOTEL Room & At your Home MOBILE MASSAGE Therapy

Session length: *Minimum 75 Min for $100.00 | 90 Min for $130.00 | *Up to 2 hours available.

  • We offer you a luxurious massage therapy experience from the comfort of your very own hotel room or home!
  • We partner and/or work with organizations, corporations, and hotels with exclusive treatment plans to improve and reward yourself, your customers, and guests.
  • Specializing in treatment for Members of Professional Organizations such as Doctors, Surgeons, Specialists, out of towners.
  • We also do Bridal Parties! Ask about our stagette or Mobile Massage group bookings!
  • Couples Massage Therapy available either side by side or back to back.
  • In Room & at your home All Ages Massage Therapy services available 6 days a week.



  • Swedish Massage / Relaxation Massage Therapy

Session length: 60 Minutes for $60.00 |  90 Minutes for $115.00 – Everyday Deal!

No deep tissue techniques will be used during this treatment. Light hand. Soft touch therapy. This is the perfect treatment to reduce stress and tension. You will feel refreshed and pampered!


  • Repetitive Motion Injuries & Rehabilitation Massage Therapy 

Session length: First appointment for $75.00 | 75 Min for $85.00 | 90 Min for $125.00

Treating everyday aches and pains associated with injuries, Repetitive overuse conditions (Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Frozen shoulder, etc), Chronic pains from structural/postural dysfunctions (Scoliosis, Hyper/Hypolordosis, etc), and/or injury massage treatments (Motor Vehicle Accidents/MVA, Sprains + Strains, etc); that help you heal more effectively! Full assessment is included in your first appointment. We help you understand your pain and how to become more posturally aware. Rehabilitation is not an overnight solution. We will work with you and measure your progress every step of the way. Our treatments will be customized and based on your individual needs. Become stronger and healthier with our Repetitive Motion Injury & Rehabilitation Massage Therapy.*


  • Compression & Nerve Entrapment Condition Treatments 

Session length: 60 Minutes for $85.00 | 90 Minutes for $135.00

Non-traumatic Therapeutic approach to Compression & Nerve Conditions; such as, Shoulder impingement, Piriformis syndrome, Sciatica, etc. Our Rehabilitation Massage & Orthopedic massage treatments help relieve tension and stress on your body. All treatments include gentle passive stretching, myofascial + tissue alignment, and trigger point therapy.*


  • Deep tissue Massage

Session length: First appointment for $60.00 | 60 Min for $85.00 | 90 Min for $125.00

Non-traumatic Deep Tissue Massage Therapy. Trigger point therapy and remedial exercise will have you feeling better and stronger! Ask about a physical assessment and treatment plan today! All deep tissue massages include assessment, hydrotherapy, tissue realignments, and adhesion/trigger point removal. You’ll be feeling pain free and relaxed after only one to a few treatments!*


  • Sports Massage 

Session length: First appointment for $75.00, 75 Min for $85.00, 90 Min for $130.00

Member of the Canadian Sports Massage Therapy Association (CSMTA), Post Graduate student at the International Sports Academy specializing in Sports Massage Therapy, Sports Medicine, & Sports Physiology. Our comprehensive Sports Massage Therapy is a cut above the rest! Receive specialized care for your injuries, as well as strengthening exercises, and get ready to take your athleticism to the next level! All Sports Massage treatments include: assessments, energy techniques, hydrotherapy,  joint mobilizations, muscular toxin flushing, lymphatic techniques, K taping/Kinesiology taping, remedial exercise as well as a focus on relieving pain and tensions commonly found in athletes.*


  • Therapeutic Massage Therapy 

Session length: First appointment for $75.00, 75 Min for $85.00, 90 Min for $130.00

Unique approach to Therapeutic Massage Therapy. All my treatments include a blend of custom techniques designed to reduce your pain, decrease your muscular tensions, and help your body rehabilitate from everyday stresses & pains! Massage therapy is proven to help alleviate pain and discomfort when used as part of your self care plan! Custom Assessments and treatment plans available for everyone. I treat the cause of your pain and discomfort vs. treating only your symptoms. This is a Massage Therapy treatment which boasts to be more effective than most traditional therapies.*


Corporate Massage Therapy


Improve overall workplace Health, Postural awareness, & Wellness thru our Corporate Massage Therapy Programs. RMTs will come to your business and train your staff on workplace ergonomics + postural therapeutic supports, and/or provide Therapeutic Massages in the office!

Whether you are planning a one-time company treat or a regular wellness plan for your team, we will help you organize and bring the benefits of registered therapeutic services to your workplace.

+    Choose from 20, 30, or 45 minute on-site Massage Therapy sessions

+    Choose from chair massage or table massage options. We bring all necessary equipment to you.

+    Blend Wellness will help book therapists and hours as required according to your needs.

+    Simple scheduling! Employees can simply self-schedule their sessions online. We organize your wellness day and ensure you get the most massages per hour.

– Our Corporate Workplace Ergonomic & Postural Therapeutic Support program offers your staff informational hands on seminars on various preventative and self care techniques; which can be implemented to avoid overuse/repetitive use injuries at the workplace. When working with our team, we will provide: Educational workplace ergonomic education to avoid common muscular + joint + ligament injuries commonly caused by improper mechanics used to perform daily functions in workplaces. Businesses now have the solution to prolong the livelihood of their staff! Most overuse/repetitive use injuries can be prevented. Every Support program includes 15 min Massages after our seminar. Get a free quote. Go to our Bookings page to fill out a quote request.

This service is the perfect way to treat your employees to a Staff Massage of Wellness Day!


Events, On-Site Concerts, & Special Events

Attract clients to your events with on-site Mobile Massage Therapy. We offer on-site/at your event/on location massage therapy treatments!

Get a Free Quote for your event today! Visit our contact us page for form.


We will work with your organization to improve the physical and mental health of your team.

BLEND WELLNESS massage therapy reduces both physical and mental workplace stress.

Everyone loves a good massage!  Make your team happy while improving work culture.

Our services help to increase work productivity by alleviating daily stress.

A massage at work is a great way to show employee appreciation.

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*All services performed shall be applied only if patient(s) are indicated for that treatment. We reserve the right to refuse service. For more information please visit our: About Clinic page.