About Therapist

Dr. Rosemarie Castro

I am a practising MD-HOM Licensed to practice in Edmonton, AB  for Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM). I specialize in other CAM therapies including:

– Doula,

– Medical Esthetics, 

– Registered Massage Therapy (RMT)

I am passionate about helping people inside and out including supporting vitality and the wellness of ones emotional, mental, and physical self. My practice is a specialized Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM)  using various treatments including:

  • Ayurvedic & ancient medicine treatment approaches, 
  • Medical, Orthopedic, Sports, & Therapeutic Massage Therapy,
  • Birthing, death, and Post Partum Doula,
  • Neonatal Massage Therapist
  • Parenting Educator, LAMAZE class instructor,
  • Rehabilitation & injury prevention,
  • Medical Doctor/Physician in HOM.

The Foundation of my Healthcare Practice:

Blend Wellness is focused on ones overall health and vitality. We provide a variety of custom body therapies and perform a unique blend of  separate services suitable for anyone. Our therapists understand the science behind pathology and the scientific solutions to achieving homeostasis. I personally am a huge supporter of natural medicine and I lead a lifestyle which promotes living symptom free. In all of my professions, one thing that is guaranteed, my patients will always receive compassionate and expert care thru evidence based measurable results.

I am a licensed and insured healthcare practitioner and esthetican. I am entitled to use the term Doctor/MD based on my medical HOM training and current Alberta standards of practice and protected term usage for the term Doctor. 

I am a Registered Member of all of the following Associations:

  • Canadian Homeopathic Association
  • Alberta Doulas Association
  • Canadian Medical Association
  • Ontario Medical Association
  • Massage Therapists of Alberta Association (MTAA)

My Education:

  •  Massage Therapy 2 year diploma from an approved 2200 Hour Massage Therapy Program, RMT/MT,
  • Clinical Medical Sciences – 3 year Post Graduate – Masters Degree Program, MD-HOM,
  • Doula Canada 2 year Blended program, Doula,
  • Mental Health First Aid, AED Certified, Basic life support, & Standard First Aid Certified (Valid until 2022),
  • Bachelors Degree – 3 Yr. Humanities Major (BAH), French minor.
  • Medical Anthropology – 2 Yr University Diploma 

My Qualifications:

  • Labour, Death& Post Partum Doula,
  • Birthing, Lactation, Pregnancy, & Parental Skill(s) Educator,
  • Licensed Cosmetician,
  • Licensed Medical Esthetician,
  • Licensed Healthcare Practitioner, MD-HOM,
  • Licensed Registered Massage Therapist, RMT/MT
  • Sports Massage Therapist 
  • Prenatal Massage Therapist

I am also a Sports massage therapist. I am in a Sports Massage Medicine program with CSMTA currently requiring hours for Certification. I have been on-site and present at various sporting events using my skills as a Sports massage therapist in triage and other sporting events. I have also worked as a Sports Massage Therapist at:

  • Worlds Longest Hockey game, 
  • Rugby Canada,
  • Terry Fox Marathon run,
  •  TAWA Physical therapy clinic,
  • Castledowns Medical & Wellness clinic.

My practice specialty is in Orthopedic Massage therapy, joint mobilization, and Orthopedic assessment/therapeutic treatment. I graduated as an MT in: Orthopedic massage, massage therapy, pathology, stamina massage, and physiology.

I perform a refreshing massage therapy treatment which uses a blend of remedial exercise, tissue stretching, and specialized muscle realignment techniques (in a non traumatic way) to help realign muscles, reduce compressions and/or joint pain, and to effectively reduce tension in your ligaments, muscles, tendons, soft tissues, and joints. I’m able to offer you care unlike any other and to the highest of all health standards. Orthopedic massage practitioners such as myself, specialize in finding the origins of pain and misalignment in the physical connections between muscles, soft tissues, tendons, bones, and fascia. Try Massage therapy with real measurable results!

Be stress free!

Massage therapy is used to treat pain and soft-tissue, musculoskeletal injuries, emphasizing not only assessment and rehabilitation but on prevention and maintenance as well. It will relax you!

Imagine all you could do if you were pain and stress free!

I proudly own and operate Blend Wellness & Beauty. My studies of alignment therapy, MSK conditions, myofasical restrictions, & pain/stress relief  therapies, allows me to effectively communicate with your bodily system.  I treat patients thru Medical sciences. My evidence based treatments and massage therapies will help you improve your joint mobility, range of motion, & overall blood circulation, while reducing symptoms in affected areas. You can expect a safe environment at Blend Wellness and Beauty.